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What do you think?

So, what do you think about this year’s election?

10 comments to What do you think?

  • Pete LaBarre

    I would like to take a moment of your time to express my sincere gratitude to many individuals who helped make last night a great success. We are all volunteers in the process of making our great nation better for our children and their children and the time, money and talents contributed willingly that go towards that end are deeply appreciated. I would like to thank especially Carolyn Fairchild for her endless commitment and energy devoted to ensuring that first and foremost the processes we have been charged with are run smoothly and more importantly fairly. I would also like to thank Carol, Norma, Doloretta, Kathleen and Bud (especially for a place to sit), Rip, Violet, Dave, all the precinct co-chairs and the many other individuals who stepped to the plate giving the Herculean effort made to make last night such a great success and with helping get the headquarters up and running. Thank you all!!! Thank you.

    Most sincerely,


    Pete LaBarre
    Chair, Teller
    County Republicans

  • Pete LaBarre

    I am sorry you weren’t able to participate in the process, every vote is important to our efforts to defeat Obama and his socialist agenda. Unfortunately the rules for voting are set by state statute and have nothing to do with computers and more to do with voter fraud. You had to have registered 29 days before the caucuses to be able to vote in them. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as you turn 18 or become a naturalized citizen during the period. We actually pulled updated registered voter roles yesterday morning to insure all eligible voters were able to vote. It is my hope that you will continue to engage in the process and work with the party to bring positive change to our great nation.
    Best regards,

    Pete LaBarre
    Chair, Teller
    County Republicans

  • admin

    John. As webmaster I have forwarded your comment to the TCRCC leadership.

  • john

    I was prevented from caucasing 7 Feb 12 despite registering my change of address with the Colorado SoS a few weeks ago. Suggest getting with the 21st century and using a computer vice a voter roll pulled who nows how long ago

  • admin

    A map is shown on the following page on the web site:

  • barb

    what are the directions to the divide community center?

  • Spencer D

    This year’s election? I believe it is dangerous to say the least. Pendular reforms have already been accellerated by reactionary increase since the Truman Doctrine.
    I fear for the GOP, her fingers are so dirty from scratching filthy backs, and her chicks run to the wings of the T.
    I advise, rather than any response or attack on the Democrat/Progressive/Liberal opposition, initiate a massive, comprehensive, and exshaustive exposition of the Principles of Liberty in conjunction with a concerted effort to consolidate the freedom minded – not under a banner or affiliation, but under simple principles.
    DO NOT ENGAGE THE DEMOCRAT OPPOSITION! Extoll freedom, liberty, virtue, and SELF-REGULATION! These things speak to the soul of the American Heart, these things are involuntary, DISCUSS TRUTH and all votes will be cast in the best way for liberty.

  • William Chandler

    Looks like I am being prevented from voting in the primary because Teller County calims I am unaffiliated.

    1. I have lived here 15 years and this is the 1st word I have heard about this.
    2. My wife and I have always done the same thing and she got a ballot ( I didn’t)
    3. I did mail back to Teller County my affiliation Card over 2 weeks ago, but they claim they have no record of it.
    4. Teller County lady told my wife I am out of luck and that I cannot vote without driving to Cripple Creek (which I cannot do since I live in Woodland Park and work in Col. Springs)

    I feel like this is a form of voter restriction.

    William Chandler

  • DaveT

    Mayor Steve,
    Thanks for the comments on the web site. I may actually get good at this if I keep doing it — and if there is time. Proposal to do another one? Free? I think you have been dreaming. :)

    As for the history items, a couple of other things would be good.

  • Dave,
    I try not to think about this year’s election. Oh, you mean the one in November, not April! Great job on this new website. Enjoyed looking through all of the pages, especially the historic stuff. Maybe if you are nice to me I will contribute some history stuff for you. My Great-grandfather Frank Vetter was a Cripple Creek City Alderman in 1914. I have lots of family photos if you want to expand the history section.
    Once you get good at this, I may accept your proposal to do one for me for free.

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